Working with the community, synagogues and individuals to maintain the dignity of our cemeteries has enabled completion of the following:


1)      Complete upgrade of cemetery.

2)      Reclaiming land for over 3000 more burial places.

3)      Putting in place new specifications and working practices .(at all NMJCT cemeteries)

4)      Upgrading of 7 children's historic burial areas.

5)      Installation of a section for Cohanim in the Ohel at both Rainsough and Failsworth.

6)      Introduction of an onsite one shop office approach.


1)      Upgrade of Ohel.


1)      Refurbishment of the Ohel.

2)      Rebuilding of the front retaining wall.

3)      Upgrading of the initial entrance road.

4)      Improved general access including access for disabled and infirm visitors.

5)      Reclaiming 50 burial plots.


1)      Further upgrade at Urmston (another phase yet required).


1)       Putting in place new specifications and working practices.

2)       Introduction of remembrance gardens.

3)       Gaining  access to major grant aid funding.

4)       Introducing a management structure.

5)       Putting in place guidelines to meet Health and Safety Regulations

In the future we will need your support to reach the following goals:

A)     Upgrade more paths at Blackley.

B)     Upgrade and give dignity to two children’s areas at Blackley.

C)     Enhance the ground stabilization programme by more planting at Blackley.

D)     Carry out a similar programme at Crumpsall Jewish cemetery.

E)     Clean up and give dignity to the closed cemetery in Prestwich Village.

F)      Introduce ‘adopt a grave’  for enhancing graves of families no longer here.

G)     Introduce a grant assisted help scheme.

H)     Offer a wider set of services.

I)      Continue to maintain the cemeteries in an acceptable and dignified way.

J)     Introduce an approach where all grave areas meet modern Health and Safety standards with better visitor access.